Initial Consultation    (up to 60 minutes):                                   $130

(17 and under $115)          


 Return Consultation ( 20-30 minutes):                                     $87

 Extended Consultation (45 minutes):                                        $125

 Long Consultation 

(Complex issues or 2+ areas, up to 60 minutes)

​​Please note the following 

  •   Please choose an appropriate consultation length to allow for adequate treatment time
  •   Payment in full is required at the time of consultation

  •    No medical referral needed to see an Osteopath

  •   This practice does not treat compensable patients including workcover, TAC, Medicare EPC or Veterans Affairs   

  •    HICAPS facilities “on the spot “ private health fund claiming available if you are covered by your private health insurance

  •    EFTPOS and Credit card facilities available

  •    AMEX not excepted

Cancellation Policy 
As a courtesy, we do require that patients give us at least  6 hours notice via their booking confirmation or reminder email. A link is availbe to cancel your appointment .
A fee will be charged for those who neglect to do so or do not turn up to an appointment. Those patients that are late will also be charged the full consultation price, your understanding is appreciated (Please do NOT use email to book or cancel appointments). 

If you are ill (including cold or flu) please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment. Please respect that we treat a variety of patients and we appreciate your assistance in avoiding the spread of infection.


How do I pick an appropriate consultation length?

Please note that your consultation time needs to include presenting complaint discussion, managment and treatment note taking, not just treatment. This is a medico-legal requirement that needs to be for filled.
Sometimes discussion of your complaint may result in taking up all or majority of your consultation time.

Standard appointment times are 20-30 minutes. Please note that this time is used to both discuss your condition & management as well as hands on treatment. If you are aware that you need longer time for hands on treatment due to being a larger complex area, please pick appropriate consultation length to allow for this. 

If you have been to the clinic before but you are returning with a "new" complaint, please choose a 45 minute appointment so we have the time to go through the new history of injury as well as hands on treatment. 

What do I bring to treatment ? 

Please bring any previous X-Rays, MRI, CT or ultrasound scans and imaging reports with you to your initial consultation. Please bring along your private health insurance card as we can claim "on the spot". I can not back date insurance on the HICAPS machine so if you accidently forget your card you will have to follow up with your insurance company to obtain your rebate.

What do I wear to a treatment?

Some undressing as part of the Osteopathic examination and treatment is usually required. Appropriate underwear and comfortable, looser fitting  clothing is best. You may be required to remove items of clothing for our practitioners to examine and treat you. Please do not wear jeans for a lower limb complaint, this including hip and lower back. Females, please avoid racer back bras for upper body treatments as I am unable to do soft tissue through clothing. If you have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

Is  Osteopathic treatment painful?

Most treatment is gentle and should not cause too much discomfort. However, if your injuries do require hands-on treatment of painful and tender areas, I will aim to make you as comfortable as I possibly can. There are techniques including dry needling which may cause some short term discomfort or pain.  You may experience mild soreness for a day or two after treatment, if this soreness persists or increases significantly without reason,  please call me to discuss your concerns.

How many appointments will I need?
This is completely dependant on your condition. Generally I you would expect to see some changes in your symptoms after one -three visits. If we have made no changes in that time frame I will normally elect to send you to your GP for additional investigations such as X-ray, scans or blood tests that may be required. I may also refer you to another health professional for specific investigation and or management.

Long term or chronic conditions may require more than 3 treatments. 

Injury time frame and treatment indicator

Acute  (1- 4 weeks) ~ 1-3 treatments
Sub Acute (1-3 months)  ~ 3 -6 plus treatments
Chronic (over 3 months) ~ 3 plus and potential managment treatments

(*please note: The above  is only and indicator and these are average treatment numbers which will vary between the individual and the condition)

How do I make an appointment?
The easiest way to make an appointment is to use the bookings button throughout the website and make an appointment using our online booking system. Alternatively, you can call the clinic to make an appointment on (03) 9822 1101